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KiwiQA offers its clients the best mobile website and mobile application testing services to ensure that they deliver their customers the desired user experience with the planned business value through a flawless and immaculate mobile solution.With the availability of increasingly unlimited choices and options in mobile websites and applications, customers can effortlessly and easily shift to the alternative mobile applications on encountering any device incompatibility issues, 下的性能, 功能缺陷或糟糕的用户体验.

We, 在KiwiQA, ensure that we provide our clients with the detailed reports about the performance and evaluation of every vital component of the mobile app or website by deploying the most advanced testing tools and test cases.


We bring the industry-leading expertise of our professionals to aid our clients with rigorous and hassle-free testing for their mobile components, 移动应用程序和移动网站. We possess a proven track record of serving our clients with the best mobile testing services while helping them to ideally implement their vision in their mobile solutions.

We offer a broad array of 手机大发国际官网 服务 including:
  • 手机应用性能大发国际官网
  • 手机功能大发国际官网
  • 移动用户体验大发国际官网
  • 手机的兼容性大发国际官网
  • 移动本地化大发国际官网
  • 移动安全与系统集成大发国际官网
  • 手机自动化大发国际官网
  • 移动W3C和HIG遵从性大发国际官网
  • Mobile Infrastructure and Hardware 性能大发国际官网
  • 移动网站大发国际官网


With the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices and channels, ensuring a superior mobile experience is critical for the success of any mobile app or website. Our mobile testing services in Australia provide our client organisations with an opportunity to ensure an unsurpassed quality user experience while making sure that their mobile app or website functions, 按要求,没有任何功能错误. Our professionals comprehensively test mobile website and mobile apps to validate that the applications aptly meet the end user expectations and requirements while ensuring that the system is capable of delivering a satisfying experience.

Our mobile testing professionals indulge in complete end-to-end testing, performed from the beginning of the project development, 这是, right from reviewing the requirements phase of the complete testing of the entire system & 它的功能. We also offer automated test cases to save time and effort on testing whilst helping the clients with faster time to market.

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Excellent QA Team - very thorough, and provides great feedback on what is being done. Very willing to work in a way that best suited us. Definitely an expert in JMeter, which was exactly what we needed... Mr. 朱利安·科尔,Dipolar Pty有限公司,悉尼
I hired KQSPL team for an initial review of a website across different/browsers and operating systems. 非常快速的反应和专业的结果. 大发国际认为他们是大发国际的QA合作伙伴. Mr. 西蒙•Doukas lodie.com.非盟、悉尼
Thank you for the recent QA and Testing work that you have completed for us. We note that our companies have been working together since 2014. We appreciate you and your teams’s efforts to ensure a quick turnaround on our requests. 克雷斯韦尔凯西威尔逊停车场,珀斯
Our software platform at ZingHR undergoes continual enhancement based on user experience and feedback due to which the product needed to undergo repeated exhaustive testing. During the course of exploring options of automating the testing process KiwiQA with Niranjan at its helm was the first service provider that came to mind. Needless to say their services were highly responsive to our dynamic changing needs and the team was ever willing to stretch to meet our stringent delivery expectations.What clearly stood out was the team’s know how and expertise which were largely responsible to give us the required results” Mr. 拉维•巴贾杰zinghr.com.非盟、悉尼
KiwiQA team are at the top of their game in the Software QA space. They are diligent, thorough, prompt and flexible, exactly the kind of support we have always needed. I would highly recommend KiwiQA to any organisation needing software QA and testing support. 阿曼达·罗杰斯,WK Digital创始人
KiwiQA provide high quality support at a very reasonable price. Their penetration testing on our platform was very thorough and provided us confidence in the cyber security of our system. 我建议其他人使用KiwiQA. 蒂姆·沃姆斯利,BenchOn联合创始人兼首席执行官
Niranjan and KiwiQA team have been extremely professional and thorough in testing our new platform. I'd have no hesitation to use KiwiQA team again! 说得再好不过了! AirSmile创始人希斯·弗雷泽. 川那牙科大街的老板



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